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Welcome to
Argola Restaurant

My name is Suzana.

I am your main chef and the owner of the restaurant Argola. I don't believe in small plates, therefore I cook for you like I do for my own children: tasty, fresh, abundant and homemade dishes.

I am convinced that you will soon find your favourite dish in the rich menu of our restaurant and that you will taste something new every time.

It will be my great pleasure indulging you until you become our regular guest
Welcome to <br/>Argola Restaurant

Discover our story

We are a professional, diligent and hard-working team of caterers who are ready to fulfill any of your wishes.

Hope to see you soon!

About us

About our cousine

Tradition on your plates. Relax. Enjoy it with all your senses. Our food is mesmerizing and it smells inviting, the meat is soft and juicy, the fish is fresh and solid, the vegetables are crispy and colourful, the plates are warm and soups hot...

This season we have added some novelties to tradition: confit lamb leg steaks and sous vide duck breasts. We will be serving coloured ravioli and various kinds of purée. Our salads are enriched by quinoa, sumac, etc.

Nevertheless, we will remain classy!


Special offer

Vrhunski specijaliteti prema autohtonim receptima sa domaćim sastojcima lokalnih proizvođača!

60,00 kn

Dalmatian Smoked Ham

Dalmatian prosciutto, cheese, melon

From the local offer is the real pearl of Dalmatia, Dalmatian prosciutto

Grilled Octopus


Traditional dish of Dalmatian cuisine!

150,00 kn
59,00 kn

Pizza Verde

Cheese, Gorgonzola, Garlic

Tomatoes, Zucchini, Bacon

Happy hours

Happy hours
From 12:00 to 17:00 we offer lunch menus at promotive prices of 75 kn: 4 meat menus (e.g. Wiener steak, lasagne or spaghetti ...)
and 4 fish menus (such as mackerel in sage and broad bean sauce, sole fish fillet, daily fish offers ...)
- all including soup, main dish, side dish, salad and dessert. !